End of course assessments

We’re getting near the end of the course, so I think it’s time to begin talking about assessment. I’m not going to set you exams, instead I’m going to ask you to write an essay – or tw essays if you are following both the writing and the Blair’s Britain courses.

 I’m going to give you a wide choice of questions – you can see them here:

End of semester essay questions

The questions are quite hard, but that’s so you can all show me how clever you are!

 I’ll talk more about the assessment tomorrow and you’ll have a chance to ask me any questions then. You can also ask questions by posting comments to this entry.

 See you tomorrow. 

3 Responses to “End of course assessments”

  1. tony says:

    i want to ask more about “play the devil’s advocate”
    what does “balance” mean?i mean,on what aspect should we balance our essay?
    the number of the words?or the comment?
    if i write 100 words for “playing the devil’s advocate”and 400 words for my point,is it good?

  2. shirlayn says:

    I have sended you an e-mail,please give me a reply.Thank you.

  3. Jon says:

    Tony – Balance just means that even if you are making a very strong argument, you need to show that you have considered the contrary argument. This doesn’t mean you have to agree that the contrary argument has any value, but if you don’t, you need to say so.

    ‘Playing devil’s advocate’ really refers to an argument that is against the commonly accepted position. In other words, if you want to ‘play the devil’s advocate’, the whole of your essay will be arguing for a very controversial or surprising position.

    Shirlayn – I have answered your email. Please don’t post my email address on the internet.

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