Religion in Britain

Last week we talked about religion in Britain including the statistics generated by this year’s tearfund survey. You ca find the survey at the address below:

I’m afraid the BBC interview with the rabbi and the bishop that we listened to last week will have been taken down now – they only leave their radio programmes online for one week. Sorry I didn’t get around to putting up a link earlier. However, you can find plenty of news stories related to the subject of faith schools on the Guardian newspaper website which has special sections on religion in Britain and on education:,,179375,00.html

For stories specifically on the faith schools debate see:,,1034028,00.html 



5 Responses to “Religion in Britain”

  1. Athena says:

    it sounds interesting,but there were so many religious terms which are very alien to me ,but it is useful,though i was sometimes confused.but thanks for your effort.
    i really enjoy british films, i wonder if you have seen the film,funny,and i can sense the gentlemen style in your british people.when Mr.Darcy had a fighting with his rival in love,they were in a restaurant,and Darcy was keeps on saying sorry to other guests.funny.
    and congratulations—–to be a husband…..
    young girls in China have becoming more and more tough… least those around me.wish you a good luck……

  2. Athena says:

    sorry i have made a mistake,there should be no “but” following a “though”

  3. Athena says:

    i mean the film—–BJ Diary

  4. Jon says:

    thanks for your comment.

    if you are confused in the class, especially about vocabulary, please please please ask me. that way everyone can learn. i remind you all in every class to ask questions if you can’t understand, and i really mean it. so in future if you do not understand ASK.

  5. Athena says:

    yes.sir! i just wonder maybe you can draw a picture about the process of the evolution …..maybe that will be more easy

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