Learning and practising writing

Writing Class 1 

 In the first class we asked why it is important to develop proficiency in writing.

I argued that whereas speaking is fast practice, writing is slow practice. This is important because slow practice allows us to observe and correct our practice.

To perfect an action in martial arts, it is necessary to practice it slowly while observing the action itself, as well as posture, breathing and so on. By practising in this way, it is possible to turn theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge, or reflexes.

This is also our aim in practising writing. By putting all our theoretical knowledge into practice we hope to build good habits of language and thought. The way to do this is to consider systematically the separate aspects of what we are doing.

In writing, the important aspects to consider are:

  1. Content
  2. Structure/Organisation
  3. Style and coherence
  4. Grammar and Usage
  5. Form

Download the Powerpoint presentation for the class: Writing Class 1: Powerpoint presentation.

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