Hunting…and Blair’s Legacy

Blair’s Britain Class 4

In this class we continued to talk about the controversy about the ban on hunting. We read arguments for and against. Those arguments were taken from the following site – you can find more information on hunting and on other popular political issues there:

We watched a video of anti-hunt protesters clashing with hunters. You can find videos on many subjects made by ordinary people on YouTube.

In the second part of the class we watched a video of a segment from the BBC Newsnight programme, in which members of the public were asked to give their verdicts on the leadership of Tony Blair. The conclusion of the pollster who conducted the focus group was that the public gives some credit to Blair for securing peace in Northern Ireland, but that this and other achievements have been overwhelmed by the Iraq War, which is hugely unpopular. You can download the video here (this is a very large file).

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